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Infants' School

Becoming The Best We Can Be

Recommended Books


  This book encourages 'Marvellous Mistakes,' really helpful for children who have a perfectionist streak or hate to make mistakes. 

An exciting exploration of the possibilities of making mistakes. A torn piece of paper is just the beginning!

Spills, folded paper, drops of paint, smudges, and smears all make magic appear. 

This book encourages artistic experimentation, rather than discouragement. 

Author: Barney Saltzberg.




A fun and engaging introduction to the functions of the brain that will empower young readers to 


and grow their fantastic brains.

A really informative book which introduces the concept of learning through our marvellous mistakes and celebrating them, learning to control our brains and the power of perseverance.

Great for teaching Growth Mindset principles.

Author: JoAnn Deak Ph.D.


A wonderful introduction to

Growth Mindset.

Beatrice NEVER makes a mistake - until the inevitable happens and she makes a mistake in front of EVERYONE!

This book highlights the importance of resiliency and helps children to learn to keep things in perspective. 

Beatrice learns that it is more important to enjoy the things you do, rather than worry about doing them perfectly.

The message is clear - learn from your mistakes, let go, laugh and enjoy the journey. 

Author: Gary Rubinstein


This fabulous book encourages

positive messages of tolerance, 

respect, diversity and the power of 

the word 'YET'

With colourful illustrations and wonderful rhyming

text, we follow Gerald on his journey to learning a new skill through trial and error and perseverance. 

Authors: Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees.