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Supporting Role

Supportive Role


An ELSA provides emotional support to children, establishing a nurturing, respectful relationship that is built over time. It is not there to 'fix' children's problems. Our aim is to provide time, space and a trusting adult that enables children to share their

thoughts, feelings and develop skills with guidance and support.


Real change does not occur quickly and is dependent upon the context and complexity of the presenting issues. 

For those children with complex or long-term needs it would not be realistic to expect that an ELSA intervention will resolve all their difficulties, however support will be designed to target specific aspects of the child's needs. 


If presenting issues are beyond the level of expertise that an ELSA can support, school will work with parents to access specialist support.


ELSA's attend regular training, supervision sessions and development with an Educational Psychologist who is able to offer advice and support. This process enables ELSA's to gain further wisdom and experience.