St Nicholas Church of England

Infants' School

Becoming The Best We Can Be

Governor Visits

Governor visits during the school day are a vital part of what we do. It is important that we see first-hand how policies are operating and how the aspects of the school development plan are being implemented. We are always impressed with the calm and purposeful atmosphere in the school, and it is a privilege to watch the children playing, learning and growing.


Governor visits have included:


Heather WilliamsSENDApril 2024
All governors

To observe school development priorities in action;

To observe school and curriculum visions in action;

To talk to pupils and staff

Full day

22 March 2024

Sarah DowSafeguardingMarch 2024
Heather WilliamsSENDJanuary 2024
Stephany WilliamsHealth & Safety site checkNovember 2023
Jane EvansSafeguardingNovember 2023
Linda HullMathsOctober 2023
Jane EvansSafeguarding (SCR)October 2023
Jane EvansSafeguardingSeptember 2023
Julie WestawayScienceJuly 2023
Stephany WilliamsPupil voice; children's writingJune 2023
Heather WilliamsDesign & TechnologyMay 2023
Heather WilliamsSENDMay 2023
Stephany WilliamsHealth & Safety site checkApril 2023
Jane EvansSafeguardingMarch 2023
Paul BakerPEMarch 2023
Jane EvansSafeguardingFebruary 2023
Jane EvansPhonicsJanuary 2023
Heather WilliamsSENDJanuary 2023
Stephany WilliamsChildren's writingJanuary 2023
Jane EvansECT (Early Career Teacher) meetingDecember 2022
Shaun BaileyHealth & Safety site checkNovember 2022
Heather WilliamsSEN learning walk with Grace ChallansNovember 2022
Jane EvansSafeguardingNovember 2022
Linda HullMathsNovember 2022
Jane EvansSingle Central Record checkNovember 2022
Jane EvansSafeguardingOctober 2022
Jane EvansPhonics and SafeguardingSeptember 2022
Jane EvansSafeguarding, including Single Central Record checkJuly 2022
Angus GuyattHealth & Safety site check (inc asbestos visual check)June 2022
Jane EvansECT (Early Career Teacher) meetingJune 2022
Jane EvansReadingJune 2022
Paul BakerPEJune 2022
Jane EvansSafeguardingMay 2022
Linda HullMathsMay 2022
Heather WilliamsSEND May 2022
Jane EvansSafeguardingMarch 2022
Jane EvansSafeguardingFebruary 2022
Angus GuyattHealth & Safety site check (inc play equipment)January 2022
Heather WilliamsSENDJanuary 2022
Jane EvansECT (Early Career Teacher) meetingDecember 2021
Heather Williams/Jane EvansReading November 2021
Simon NewtonSafeguardingNovember 2021
Heather WilliamsSEND November 2021
Heather WillamsSENDOctober 2021
Simon NewtonSingle Central Record checkOctober 2021
Jane EvansPupil PremiumSeptember 2021
Angus GuyattHealth & Safety site check (inc play equipment)July 2021
Jane EvansNQT meeting (virtual)July 2021
Heather WilliamsSEND (virtual)May 2021
Jay YoungmanData Protection auditMay 2021
Angus GuyattHealth & Safety (asbestos visual check)May 2021
Angus GuyattHealth & Safety site checkDecember 2020
Zaki MoosaSafeguarding (virtual)November 2020
Simon NewtonHealth & Safety (including play equipment)July 2019
Claire FieldEnglishJune 2019
Jacqui NorburySafeguardingJune 2019
Angus GuyattBudget monitoringMarch 2019
Jay YoungmanBudget monitoringMarch 2019
Simon NewtonPupil Premium Strategy mid-year reviewMarch 2019
Jacqui NorburySafeguardingFebruary 2019
Simon NewtonHealth & Safety (play equipment)February 2019
Fiona CrookMathsJanuary 2019
Jacqui NorburySafeguardingDecember 2018