St Nicholas Church of England

Infants' School

Becoming The Best We Can Be



Our DT lessons are planned to cover knowledge, understanding and skills progressively from EYFS through to the end of KS1. We use practical experiences that inspire children to create, innovate and design whilst solving real life problems. We teach evaluation skills, both evaluating existing products and our own creations, as well as the building language of problem solving and an understanding of designing and creating solutions. We ensure that we allow time to reflect, improve and evaluate throughout the design and making process.



Sequential lessons in DT build skills alongside understanding and language. We start by evaluating a product or problem then introduce new skills and knowledge which are used to produce a product or solve a problem. Key vocabulary is built into each lesson and is reviewed throughout the sequence of lessons to deepen understanding and offer narrative to the work being undertaken. There are opportunities built in for exploration and consolidation of skills in different contexts.



  • The impact of our DT lessons is that the profile of DT will be raised within the school.
  • Across the school the DT learning environment will be consistent with vocabulary displayed, spoken and used by all learners.
  • ClassDojo and Learning Overviews will be used to support parent engagement and may involve DT-specific posts and tasks.
  • Teachers will build DT into wider learning linking it into other subject areas.
  • Impact will be measured using pupil voice and child-led assessment as well at teachers using formative assessment aimed at targeting next steps in learning.