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I joined the St Nicholas CE Infants’ School governing body in July 2021 as a Community Governor. My two children attended the school between 2016 and 2021. During those five years I served on the committee of the PTA (FONS), and for the last three years as Chair. As a result, I have gained an appreciation for the immense qualities of the school, the challenges it faces and most of all a strong desire for it to succeed. 

I passionately believe in the importance of early years’ education, and schools as the lifeblood of local communities – that the one enriches the other, and I have a particular interest in sports/ physical education, playing as I do for local cricket and hockey clubs. 

Most of all I’m keen to ensure as many opportunities as possible are available to our children, to help them become the best they be. 



I am a staff governor. I have two children of my own and have been involved in their preschool and schools throughout the years. I am passionate about drama and the arts and have recently taken up cycling.  I’m often found cycling around Wallingford early in the mornings.

I have been a teacher for over 25 years and a teacher here at St Nicholas for 3 years. I have been on the governing body of schools in the past and feel that it is important to represent staff at these meetings. Being part of the governing body allows us to continue to build and develop the school’s strengths and allows us to work together with the wider community to support our children to become the best they can be.



I am a Community Governor and joined the LGB in November 2023. I believe that high quality Early Years education is crucial in establishing a secure foundation for all children to become successful learners; to ensure they have opportunity and become valued members of the community in the future. With this in mind, I feel honoured to have this opportunity to be a part of this excellent school and community and I look forward to supporting the staff and LGB to continue to develop and grow the school further.

I work at Wallingford Secondary School (and have done since 2001) in a safeguarding and pastoral capacity. I also have 19 years of Governor experience, as a Staff Governor. I have two daughters and three grandchildren who are starting their own Early Years journey.



My husband and I moved to Wallingford 4 years ago. The town very much ‘found us’ as we weren’t originally looking to move here, but we’re so glad it did as we love it. My career was as a primary school teacher. In spite of the long hours and hard work, nothing could beat the sheer joy and privilege of working alongside young children and their families. Then for the final 5 years before retiring last summer I had the honour of working as an advisory teacher for the County. The opportunity to become a governor at St Nicholas arose the day after I retired; perfect timing as I hoped this may be a chance for me to be able to give something back. I have strong links with St Mary Le More church and am one of your foundation governors.



I have lived in Wallingford with my husband and family for over twenty years and in that time have enjoyed being part of the wonderful Wallingford community, through the Rowing Club, NCT and Wallingford Church Choir where my daughters sing.  Over this period I have been a teacher and school leader at schools across South Oxfordshire.  Most recently I was Head teacher at Kidmore End CE School, which is also in the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust (ODST).  Although I am now taking a career break, I very much wanted to remain involved in schools, and to support my fellow head teachers in any way I can, so when approached by Reverend Rice I jumped at the opportunity to become a governor.  I am passionate about primary school education, and am delighted to join a governing body committed to continued improvement of this lovely school



As Headteacher of St Nicholas C.E. Infants’ School, I am also part of the Local Governing Body. I began my role as Headteacher here at St Nicholas in 2015. As well as working as part of the governing body in relation to the strategic development of our school, I also report to governors about the school’s progress and achievements. It is a pleasure to be a part of the St Nicholas community, working alongside a talented and dedicated team who are all striving to support the children on their journey through school and becoming the best they can be.



I joined the St Nicholas CE Infants’ School governing body in November 2023.

I qualified as a chartered accountant before moving to Wallingford in 1986. In the past I've enjoyed skiing, diving, squash and hockey.

I am now semi-retired and no longer part of the institute, but spend my free time being kept on my toes by my two young children and playing bridge.

My daughter started at St Nicholas in September 2023 and it has been wonderful to see how much she has flourished in such a short space of time. Her development inspired me to take on a more active role within the school setting and to offer any help that I can. 



I was elected as a parent governor in March 2023. I sit on the teaching, learning and ethos committee. 

I have lived in Wallingford for 12 years and have a daughter in Year 1. I knew very little about the education system before becoming a governor and am now on a steep learning curve! It has been very interesting so far and I look forward to continuing my own education through my tenure. I became a governor because I wanted to be able to support the school in its objective of giving all children an inspiring start to their education. 

Outside my governor role, I work for a consultancy firm in healthcare and medicines and have a background in science.



I have been a parent governor since October 2019. I have a daughter in year 2, in Swallow class and I am chair of the teaching, learning and ethos committee. I enjoy being able to play a role in supporting our community, our school and its values. My two years so far as governor have been highly out of the ordinary, and I am looking forward to more opportunities to visit the school and support it in emerging from covid. Outside my governor role, I work as an Associate Director for an environmental consultancy, in water management. I enjoy running and being outdoors.  



I've been a Community Governor since September 2022. At that point in time my eldest daughter had just started in Reception. She is now moving to Year 1 and my youngest daughter will soon be starting Mallards so the school is important to me from both a parent perspective and as a member of the Local Governing Body.

I've learnt a lot in the Community Governor Role already through visits to school where my focus subject is 'Writing' - seeing the children's development and enthusiasm in story telling has been a highlight.

I currently work within the Education Technology sector and have a background in procurement which allows me to support the Resources committee.



I have been a governor at the school since 2016, sitting on the resources committee.

I studied Physics at University and now work in Finance for a FTSE250 utilities company, so have a strong numerate background and deep experience of constructive challenge. I'm a real advocate for the growth mind-set philosophy and am passionate about continuous improvement. I am married to a primary head teacher with two children of nursery and primary school age. I have had a keen interest in education for a long time, and as a result, becoming a governor seemed the natural role to enable me to give back to the community.