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Phonics is taught in every class across the whole school, including the Nursery. We follow the Twinkl Phonics programme from the start of Reception. This enables us to ensure that all children are accessing high quality teaching at the level appropriate for their learning at that time. 


Why do we use Twinkl Phonics?

  • It is a whole-school, teacher-made systematic, synthetic phonics programme for children from nursery to year 2.
  • It is engaging and fun - all delivered through the adventures of Kit, Sam and friends in ready-to-teach packs.
  • It includes all 2014 national curriculum spelling and grammar objectives.
  • Plus, GPCs needed to pass the year 1 Phonics Screening Check


How can families help at home?

Parents and families are important teaching allies. So to help you to support your children's phonics learning we provide daily ClassDojo posts about what your child has covered in phonics and provide ideas of how you can follow this up at home. Sometimes this is a game, words to read or write or a Parent Information Sheet to learn the action and song of new sounds.


Home reading books are closely matched to what your child is covering in school to help consolidate their learning. Reading this daily goes a long way to help your child progress with their reading skills. Fluency is also developed by re-reading familiar texts to build confidence.


The OxfordOwl website provides useful information the teaching of phonics and activities to support at home (Link to Oxford Owl).